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Please read this BEFORE you email me!

Currently, I am receiving HUNDREDS of emails each month.  I try to answer personally as many as I can, but now I need to make some rules so I can have a life. Also, if you use Hotmail, AOL, or Yahoo, be aware that these companies routinely block ALL email from Costa Rica, apparently thinking it can only be SPAM. At times they place my email in the SPAM folder or in the case of AOL, just never delivery it at all. So, if you really need a reply, I suggest you use Gmail.

Please DO NOT email me to:

  • Ask any question unless you have SEARCHED The REAL Costa Rica first! If your question is already answered  in the site, your email will not be answered.
  • Ask questions about real estate, prices, locations, or the reputability of any realtor or developer. This site is neutral, and I make no recommendations nor do I give references..
  • Ask for medical or dental advise or references.  I do not give these.
  • Ask how to meet women here.
  • ANY question about how much or little you will need to live here. This is covered thorougly in this web site and the BLOG, and there is just no way I can answer a question like this as I do not know you and your lifestyle needs.
  • Ask any question about opening a gambling business, porn sites, or anything regarding the sale or rental of women.
  • Ask about working in Costa Rica.  This is covered thoroughly in the web site.
  • Ask about making travel plans, recommendations, accommodations, hotels, aparthotels, etc.
The above questions will simply not receive a response from me.

For all other questions, comments, suggestions, complaints, corrections... whatever... you can

Email Me Here

I also welcome phone calls, so if you'd like to call, I will be happy to chat with you if I am available.. (Daytime only hours please).

Finally, for those of you interested in my custom residency/relocation tours. information and a different contact email can be found here.

Tim Lytle

The REAL Costa Rica
San Josť, Costa Rica

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