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Church in Escazu Cista Rica - Storm ComingThe official and state religion in Costa Rica is Catholicism.  It is integrated into the very Constitution of Costa Rica and there is no attempt to segregate church and state.

There are Catholic churches in nearly every town, big or small, throughout Costa Rica.  Most face west, a handy thing to know, and many have a football (soccer) field in front.  They represent a strong cultural a social connection to the community.

About 69% of Ticos are Catholic with 20% various evangelicals and the rest are heathens.  <- The last part is a JOKE so don't go PC on me!

The Mormon Temple for Central America is located in La Ribera Belen. 

The Jehovah's Witnesses and others have a strong presence in CR.

If you attend Catholic services almost anywhere in the country, mass will be said in Spanish with a couple of exceptions.

The Virgen of Los Angeles - from the Basilica, Cartago, Costa RicaBecause there are so many English speaking visitors and residents, The Anglophone community here has its own English-language churches, in addition to some in Limon which basically serve the descendants of the Jamaican immigrants of a century ago.

There is an English-language Roman Catholic mass Sunday afternoons at 4, at the Cariari chapel located in front of the Herradura Hotel and Convention Center in Belen. Call Stan (+506-293-1089) for details.

Here is one near San Pedro (San Jose). San Pedro Christian Fellowship.

In Guanacaste Province, serving Playa Tamarindo and Flamingo is La Iglesia de Santa Maria. Separate Masses (misas) in Spanish and English.

Perhaps one of the larger English services is at the International Church in Escazu (Guachipelin) at 10 am on Sundays.  Baptist in origin, it caters to all groups and tries to make everyone feel welcome. Over 20 nationalities attend, the largest groups being North Americans. Child care, free secure parking, refreshments following the service, wheelchair accessible. More details from Pastor Paul Dreessen at 215 2117 or 821 3594, Escazu

The Escazu Christian Fellowship is a large friendly congregation which meets in the International Church at 5 pm on Sundays. Contact Pastor Ken Macharg for further info at +506-221-7870 or +506-232-5342.

Long time Costa Rica resident and Contributor  will graciously reply to most questions regarding religion and religious services in Costa Rica.

Also, I would be happy to update this page with other information regarding services, etc.  Please contact me.

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