Costa Rica Business Development and Economic Groups

Address and Phone List

CENPRO (Export Investrnent Promotion Center)
Apdo. 5418-1000, San Jose.
Telephone: 221-7166;
fax: 2223-5722.

Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica
Apdo.1114-1000, San Jose.
Telephone: 221-0055, 221-0201;
fax: 2233-7091.

Chamber of Exporters of Costa Rica
Apdo. 213-2010 Zapote.
fax: 2296-4684.

Chamber of Industries of Costa Rica
Apdo.10003-1000, San Jose.
Telephone: 223-241, 223-0753;
fax: 2222-1007.

Chamber of Representatives of Foreign Companies
Apdo. 3733-1000, San Jose.
Telephone: 253-0126, 224-6944;
fax: 2234-2557.

CINDE (Costa Rican Investment Promotion Program)
Apdo. 7170-1000, San Jose.
Telephone: 220-0366;
fax: 2220-4574.

Costa Rican-American Chamber of Commerce.
Apartado 4946-1000, San Jose.
Telephone: 220-2200;
fax: 2220-2300.

National Chamber of Finance, Investment and Credit.
Telephone: 221-9444, 233-6698, 233-7631,
fax: 2221-9444.

UCCAEP (Costa Rican Union of Chambers and Private Enterprise)
Telephone: 290-5594, 290-5595;
fax: 2290-5596.

National Stock Exchange
Edificio Cartagena
2nd floor, Calle Central, Avenida 1.
Telephone: 2222-8011, 2256-1180;







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