Foreign Embassies in Costa Rica

British Embassy

Georgina Butler – Ambassador Centro Colón,
Tel: (506) 258-2025
Mauricio McPhail –
Commercial attaché San José, Costa Rica
Fax: (506) 233-9938


Canadian Embassy

Manuel Ruiz - Senior P.O. box /B.P.351-1007 Centro Colón, Tel: (506) 296-4149
Commercial Officer San José, Costa Rica Fax: (506) 296-4280
Sylvy Gariépy - Trade Commissioner -   

Embassy of Spain

Victor Ibáñez-Martin P.O. box /Apdo. 64-1007 Centro Colón, Tel: (506) 258-0330
 – Ambassador San José, Costa Rica Fax: (506) 222-4180

Embassy of the USA

Commercial Department Tel: (506) 220-3939
Fax: (506) 220-2305 or 220-3128

French Embassy

Norbert Carrasco-Saulnier P.O. box /Apdo. 10177-1000 Tel: (506) 234-4167
– Ambassador San José, Costa Rica Fax: (506) 234-4195

German Embassy

Dr. Helmut Guckel P.O. box /Apdo. 4017-1000 Tel: (506) 232-5533
– Ambassador San José, Costa Rica Fax: (506) 231-6403

Italian Embassy

Dr. Gioacchino Carlo P.O. box /Apdo. 1729-1000 Tel: (506) 224-6574
Trizzino – Ambassador San José, Costa Rica Fax: (506) 225-8200

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