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Central America News - 10/22/2014
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10/21/2014 -  Fashion icon mourned in Dominican homeland - 03:39 PM

Designer Oscar de la Renta was mourned Tuesday in his native Dominican Republic as a native son who brought glamor and prestige to a largely poor country better known for baseball and beaches than elegant evening wear. The death of the style icon on Monday at his home in Connecticut came as Dominican designers, some mentored and inspired by de la Renta, gathered in the capital for their country's Fashion Week, which he has provided advice to over the years and where he showed off designs in 2010.

10/21/2014 -  $65k fine for breaching NZX trading rules - 03:39 PM

A company has been fined by the NZX after it traded shares of Z Energy and other companies during the holding period following IPO's. Photo / Jonathan Chilton KVB Kunlun New Zealand and its manager Chee Joo Koh have been fined a combined $65,000 and publicly censured for breaches of NZX participant rules after associates of the firm traded shares of Z Energy and other companies during the holding period following initial public offerings.

10/21/2014 -  Sunken World War II German U-boat and freighter found off coast of Cape Hatteras - 11:43 AM

A team of researchers has discovered the wreck of a German U-boat and one of the ships it sank during a fierce World War II battle off the coast of North Carolina, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Tuesday. The German sub, U-576 and the freighter, Bluefields, were found a few hundred yards apart, about 30 miles off the coast, near Cape Hatteras, NOAA said.

10/21/2014 -  USVI governor hosts BVI delegation at annual Friendship Day celebration - 07:48 AM

BVI Governor John Duncan, Governor de Jongh, Premier of the BVI Dr Orlando Smith and Mrs. Smith upon the arrival of the BVI delegation to St Thomas Saturday for the annual USVI / BVI Celebration ST THOMAS, USVI -- US Virgin Islands Governor John de Jongh and First Lady Cecile de Jongh welcomed a delegation of almost 100 persons from the British Virgin Islands to the annual USVI/BVI celebration, hosted on St Thomas on Saturday.

10/21/2014 -  Ex-university chaplain named in sexual abuse lawsuit - 04:07 AM

Rev. Paul Carrier and Douglas Perlitz. Both are accused in a lawsuit of sexually abusing a teenager a decade ago at Project Pierre Toussaint School in Cap-Haitien.

10/21/2014 -  Oscar de la Renta, dead at 82, helped to make Europeans take seriously American fashions - 12:21 AM

Oscar de la Renta, the worldly gentleman designer who shaped the wardrobe of socialites and Hollywood stars for more than four decades, has died. He was 82. De la Renta died at home Monday evening in Connecticut surrounded by family and friends and "more than a few dogs," according to a handwritten statement signed by two of his company's executives, Alex Bolen and Eliza Bolen.

10/21/2014 -  Guard rescues 2 fishermen off US Virgin Islands - 12:21 AM

The U.S. Coast Guard has rescued two fishermen from a boat that capsized in rough waters off the U.S. Virgin Islands. The two residents of the island of St. Croix left early Monday for a fishing trip.

10/20/2014 -  No arrests made in the murder of Samuel Dawson - 08:34 PM

One man was found stabbed to death inside his apartment in San Pedro Town, and police are trying to find who committed the crime. The victim has been identified as 44-year-old Samuel Dawson, a Belizean truck driver originally of Hattieville Village, but who lived and worked on Ambergris Caye for a number of years.

10/20/2014 -  American classic cars a symbol of old Havana - 04:33 PM

When Martin Viera's Chevrolet rolled out of the dealer's lot, Harry Truman was president of the United States, gasoline cost 27 cents a gallon and a 24-year-old lefty named Tommy Lasorda was pitching for Almendares in the Cuban winter baseball league. That world is long gone, but the Chevy's still running on the streets of Havana - part of a fleet of classic cars that have become an icon of tourism in the socialist nation.

10/20/2014 -  Ebola summit in Cuba seeks to unify prevention strategies - 12:26 PM

Cuba and its closest allies from Latin America and the Caribbean meet in Havana on Monday to set plans for protecting their countries from Ebola and seek ways to help West Africa. Ebola has killed more than 4,500 people since March in the worst outbreak on record, mostly in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

10/20/2014 -  Ometepe, Nicaragua, remains an unspoiled island - 08:34 AM

Picking out the visitors who have labored their way to the top of one of the two volcanoes on this tiny island in Lake Nicaragua is not difficult. Just look for the people relaxing as aggressively as possible.

10/20/2014 -  Contractors urged to forge partnerships to fight foreign competition - 04:50 AM

MINISTER of Transport, Works and Housing Dr Omar Davies says local contractors must be willing and prepared to collaborate with each other in order to capitalise on opportunities that will emerge in the construction sector and to compete effectively with foreign companies, as the country positions itself to become a logistics hub in the Caribbean and Latin American region.

10/20/2014 -  Nicaragua flooding leaves 24 dead - 01:12 AM

Managua: Driving rain that has swamped most of Nicaragua for days has killed 24 people, authorities said, sparking fears of a potential health crisis in some areas. The flooding has left more than 33,000 people homeless and many are cramming into shelters around the Central American nation, government spokeswoman and first lady Rosario Murillo said yesterday.

10/19/2014 -  Finally, Mr. President . . . - 09:40 PM

Here's what the Editorial Board said two years after a cataclysmic earthquake turned Port-au-Prince and much of the island to rubble, killing hundreds of thousands: "President Obama has failed to do the one thing in his power that could help lift Haiti out of the morass that has engulfed it since the January 2010 earthquake: Order the Department of Homeland Security to admit into the United States the thousands of Haitian nationals whom DHS already has approved for U.S. visas. He could expedite this orderly migration process immediately.

10/19/2014 -  Unlimited vacation days? - 05:58 PM

The best thing about the two-week dream vacation Andrew Vojslavek and his wife took to the British Virgin Islands last spring wasn't the crystal clear blue waters or white sands. It wasn't their private bungalow or the chance to pursue their favorite recreational activity right on the beach.

10/19/2014 -  I'M No Isis Point Man - 02:23 PM

Last week, the Sunday Express interviewed Joan Crawford, the mother of 29 year-old Shane "Asadullah" Crawford, who left Trinidad and Tobago last December to fight in the civil war in Syria on behalf of the Islamic State . This week, the newspaper starts piecing together how, why, where and when ISIS began recruiting Trinidadians from this tiny island 6,250 miles from Syria, and who is the point person here.

10/19/2014 -  Calling time on America's blockade of Cuba - 10:49 AM

The Castro government has long blamed the embargo for its shortcomings, arguing that it has served to keep ordinary Cubans cut off from the world On 19 October 1960, less than two years after Fidel Castro swept into Havana, the United States announced its economic embargo of Cuba. It has been in place ever since but now it is under scrutiny again.


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