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Costa Rica News - 11/17/2018
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11/16/2018 -  'Love will prevail': Costa Rica's same-sex couples can marry in 2020 - 03:36 PM

SAN JOSE: Same-sex couples in Costa Rica will have the right to get married by mid-2020, the nation's constitutional court has ruled, a first for socially conservative Central America. In a majority decision made public on Thursday, the court backed the opinion of the San Jose-based Inter-American Court of Human Rights, which said in January that countries in the region should legalize same-sex unions.

11/13/2018 -  Presentation to focus on healthy living | Newberry Observer - 06:51 AM

On November 13 at 6 p.m. in Community Hall, members of the community are invited to take part in a conversation with Tony Buettner, vice president of product and business development at Blue Zones, LLC. According to Dr. Michael Bernardo, geriatric medicine specialist, Blue Zones are places in the world where people live unusually long, healthy lives. There are only five places in the world that are Blue Zones, including Ikaria, Greece, Sardinia, Italy, Okinawa, Japan, Nicoya, Costa Rica and Loma Linda, California.

11/12/2018 -  The US and Costa Rica have a New Tax Information Sharing Agreement - 10:37 PM

This new agreement which was signed by the President of the Republic of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Sols Rivera, and the Ambassador of the United States, Sharon Day, must be submitted to the Costa Rican Legislative Assembly for ratification. The purpose of the new agreement is to meet the standard of fiscal transparency set out by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development regarding the exchange of information for tax purposes.

11/12/2018 -  Wall Street sours on Costa Rica - 06:34 PM

In a part of the world known for guerrillas, drug runners and fleeing emigrees, Costa Rica has long been the exception. It was an oasis of tranquility and stability -- the Switzerland of Central America, some took to calling it.

11/05/2018 -  Leading Luxury Villa Rental Company Exceptional Villas Expands to Costa Rica - 09:35 PM

The world's leading luxury vacation rental company, Exceptional Villas has expanded its portfolio and is pleased to introduce Costa Rica as its newest destination. Costa Rica is one of the most incredible destinations in the world.

11/05/2018 -  Feature: Costa Rica aims to sell more coffee to China - 03:15 AM

Coffee cultivation has a long history in the Central American nation. The coffee bean was for years the country's main export product, and came to form part of the national identity, with Costa Ricans taking pride in the quality of their homegrown coffee.

11/04/2018 -  Multi-Talented Filmmaker, Actor, and Dancer Alvaro Marenco Talks to AICN's Hugo - 11:17 PM

Today with an interview sent in from our Costa Rican spy Hugo who sat down with the multi-talented filmmaker, actor, and dancer Mr.Alvaro Marenco. Scroll on for more! About two hours away from attending the third day of the shnit short film festival, Alvaro Marenco, renowned Costa Rican actor, dancer, teacher and academic sits down with me to talk about his life as an artist, family man, and citizen.

11/02/2018 -  Walter Molano | Costa Rica: Oversold on dogma - 04:56 PM

Street view of San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. Voters head to the ballot box again on April 1 for a second round in the 2018 presidential elections.

10/31/2018 -  Technical report on non-recommended occupations for immigration purposes - 09:15 PM

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security issued technical report number DNE-DML-OF-372-2018, on occupations not recommended for the categories of "Specific Occupation Worker and Temporary Resident". The MTSS must determine the occupational activities in Costa Rica where workforce is required, in order for the Immigration Office to determine whether to authorize the permanence of foreigners in the country to perform remunerated work involving displacement of the national or regularized foreign work force in the country, in whole or in part.

10/29/2018 -  Get Ready to Cry During Every Single Episode of Netflix's Dogs Documentary Series - 08:48 PM

Man's best friend is getting a documentary series on Netflix. That's right, the streaming platform that riveted you with Making a Murderer and The Keepers is turning its attention on your four-legged furry friend with Dogs , a new six-part docu-series.

10/28/2018 -  The Latest: Voting peace in Brazil presidential election - 07:31 PM

Workers' Party presidential candidate Fernando Haddad holds a Brazilian flag after casting his vote in the presidential election in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018. Brazilian voters decide Sunday who will next lead the world's fifth-largest country, the left-leaning Haddad or far-right rival Jair Bolsonaro.

10/28/2018 -  The Latest: Voting peace in Brazil presidential election - 07:31 PM

The bitterness of Brazil's presidential election campaign so far doesn't seem to have spilled over into the voting itself.

10/28/2018 -  Federico Herrero presents a series of new paintings on canvas at James Cohan - 02:55 AM

James Cohan is presenting Open Alphabet, an exhibition of new work by Federico Herrero, at the gallery's Chelsea location from Thursday, October 25 through Friday, December 21. Open Alphabet is Herrero's first solo exhibition at James Cohan. Federico Herrero investigates the ways in which color shapes our lived environment, understanding painting as an extension of landscape.

10/27/2018 -  Santa Cruz neighbors, social media, bridge overseas gap for dental emergency - 05:43 AM

Though her daughter was traveling abroad, April Welsh of Santa Cruz was nervous when she started receiving phone calls originating for India - fearing high international charges or a scam. Santa Cruzan Maleah Welsh, right, and traveling friend Joseph Zwri Er, center, were taken in by the family of Priti Lodha in India at the recommendation of a neighbor from home.

10/25/2018 -  Social Dialogue to achieve the SDGs - Formalising the informal economy - 11:41 PM

The Trade Union Development Cooperation Network has produced a series of four country briefs on the role that social dialogue plays in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. More specifically, the research explores how social dialogue has contributed to the formalisation of the informal economy in Argentina, Costa Rica, Kenya and the Philippines.

10/25/2018 -  Brazil's Haddad makes final push to win over Lula's backers - 11:41 PM

Fernando Haddad is making a last-ditch effort ahead of Sunday's runoff election to win over Brazilians who in previous elections cast ballots for former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. The left-leaning Haddad announced Thursday he will visit three states in Brazil's impoverished northeast, which is a stronghold for his Workers' Party, and finish on Saturday with a rally in a Sao Paulo slum.

10/25/2018 -  Plus: I'm not sure if I should invite this recovering alcoholic to a booze party. - 11:41 PM

I told him it was a nice gesture, but I would rather not get flowers because I think it is a waste of money, and flowers eventually have to be thrown out. It was my birthday recently, and he asked me what I wanted.


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