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Here are a few of the clubs, groups and service associations in Costa Rica. It is not a complete list, but contains many of the most popular and a phone number or email contact.  All numbers are in Costa Rica +506.Alcoholics Anonymous Call 2220-4076, 2222-1880 or 2441-8866. (These AA numbers are almost NEVER correct, so if you are connected to AA or NA and can update this info, contact me with the new numbers. Anchor Club (NA/AA) of San Jose -  2222-1880  - This is a permanent organization and can likely give all NA / AA numbers. There is also a web site that lists nearly all meetings in the San Jose area. As it is dedicated to AA, it may contain updated information:

Costa Rica AA Meeting Site -

Also see: Costa Rica AA Blog

NOTE! All phone numbers in Costa Rica changed in March 2008. So click here and read this post before you visit this AA site as you must add one digit to all those listed numbers before they will work!

American Legion
John Moran
Commander Post CR10
Apdo. 16-1250 Escazu
San Jose, 10201 Costa Rica
CR Phone: Home 506-2232-1680 - Cell 506-8358-0199
USA Phone: 786-484-2573

Birding Club - 2269-7227

Bridge Association  - 2232-9154

Canadian Club - 2282-4492

Chess Club - 2284-0936

Democrats Abroad - 2240-2240

As of May, 2006, there are nine lodges in Costa Rica -  Email Here
Their web site is apparently no longer online. If you know the updated information, contact us.

Republicans Abroad - 2239-2262

Assoc of Residents of Costa Rica - 2233-8068

Rotary Club - 2222-0993

Lions Club - 2221-0636

Wine Club of Costa Rica - 2228-2251

Is YOUR club of group listed?  If not,

Some of these organization post their meeting times and locations here.

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