Sport Fishing Costa Rica

Tarpon! Sailfish! Marlin! Dorado! Yellowfin! Wahoo! Snapper!

Like to fish? 

Costa Rica is the place.  No matter if you like to go for the big stuff down deep, inland fishing, or fresh water angling, your appetite will be satisfied.

I have spent considerable time on Costa Rica's west coast, and I can personally testify this.  Last time out, we landed six sailfish in six hours!  There is also fly fishing and eco-fishing if you wish.

Most tourist centers on the west and central coasts have fishing boat marinas where you will be picked up for full or half day trips.  Interestingly, in the many trips  I have made, I have yet NOT to catch fish... and I mean GOOOOD fish, not the trash.

Rates vary tremendously with the highest prices paid in the large tourist areas.  Rates vary from as little as $400.00 for a half-day to $1,200.00.  Full days run from $600 to as high as $2,200.  Shop around!  If you are willing to drive away from the tourist areas, you'll save a ton, though it will help to speak a bit of Spanish.

Hit the areas around the Osa Peninsula at the right time and you can do some serious whale watching as well!

There are many operators here who offer fishing tours from 5-8 nights.  Rates for these vary a lot, so get on the Internet and do some shopping.

Fly fishing is also popular and available both inshore and fresh water.

The opportunities here are endless and there is just no way I can provide all the combinations available to you.  In summary though... if you fish... Costa Rica RULES!



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