Online User Groups, Forums and Boards for Costa Rica

There are a number of great BBS type users groups and forums that can be very helpful if you wish to interact with people who have traveled or currently live in Costa Rica.  Some specialize their content.  Some are 'homey' and are great places to build friendships.  Others tend to be very businesslike providing hard, fast, and accurate information about their subjects but little chit-chat.

Always use caution when using ANY on-line BBS or Forum for making interpersonal relationships. 

Just because a person speaks your language does not make him your friend or even trustworthy.  All Forums, BBS's and Users Groups have administrators, moderators, and  managers who run these groups.  Before you enter into a personal or business relationship with someone you meet there, it might be a good idea to check with the these moderators or admins just to see if they have knowledge of that person.

Here are a few, and I can vouch that these groups are run professionally and have moderators and owners who are pro-active in keeping the boards maintained.  Also, all of the owners of these boards live in Costa Rica which is very important.

Association of Residents of Costa Rica Forums 

Run by the ARCR and a great source of information on many facets of living, moving, and retiring to Costa Rica.  This is a residents organization and thus always has the latest news on legal residency in Costa Rica.  Tends to be very businesslike with not a lot of chit-chat or banter.

Costa Rica Living

Friendly, chatty bulletin board type site, and a great place to make new acquaintances. Lots of commentary on life in Costa Rica.  Yahoo Group.  Summaries of Posts are available by email if you prefer to not browse the site every day.  Good place to ask questions.  Newcomers welcome.

Gallo Pinto

Similar to Costa Rica Living, it is also an excellent location to learn more about life in Costa Rica. Yahoo Group.  Summaries of Posts are available by email if you prefer to not browse the site every day. Good place to ask questions.  Newcomers welcome.

Parents with Young Children

This is a Yahoo group for families with children living in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. The goal is to get organized activities happening in and around the Central Valley for kids of all ages. We will be coordinating kid friendly events such as trips to Gymbo, Parque de Diversiones, hiking at University of Peace, the Children's Museum, etc., as well as Parent's/Mom's/Dad's Night Out.

I am sure there are more Groups that I do not know about, so if your Group is a non commercial group, welcomes newcomers and provides accurate information on Costa Rica, by all means email us and we'll add you to this page.





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