Newspapers in Costa Rica

Costa Ricans do like to read newspapers!  The literacy rate is very high in Costa Rica, and everywhere, especially in the mornings, you will see people browsing the latest news.

Most papers are sold in the streets, but there is delivery as well in some locations. The largest newspaper by far is La Nacion, but there are other important papers as well.   Each of the Spanish language papers puts its own spin on the news, exactly as do the newspapers in other countries.  Some are very conservative, others are informal and, at times, sensationalist.  Read and experiment!

Hint! If you download and install the Google Chrome browser, it will translate instantly these Spanish language newspapers. While this is handy, if you are living here, or plan to do so, best to learn the language!

Two other on-line papers are published as well, Q Costa Rica and AM Costa Rica.

Hint!  If you are renting property, buying property, buying a car, etc., the Spanish language papers often offer the best pricing as their market is to the Latino market. Saying that, it is best to expect the advertiser speaks Spanish.

The Real Costa Rica offers real-time, live news feeds in English for Costa Rica, Central America and the World.  Click any of those links to view in this window.

Also, each of the newspaper links listed below can be opened in a new window or within this this page.

Spanish Language Newspapers in Costa Rica

La Nacion (La Nacion)
Daily newspaper in Spanish
New Window Read Here
La Prensa Libre
Daily newspaper in Spanish
New Window Read Here
Actualidad Economica
Weekly economic newspaper in Spanish
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Al Dia (Al Dia)
Published daily - Sports Newspaper
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Diario Extra
Published daily
New Window Read Here
Capital Financiero
Finance and Business
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El Periodico CR - Online only
General News


La Republica (La Republica)
General News
New Window Read Here

All the above papers except El Periodico are published in hard copy as well

On-line English Language Newspapers in Costa Rica

Q Costa Rica

AM Costa Rica

On-Line Spanish Language newspaper

CRHoy Offers an excellent Twitter feed also in Spanish

For Radio and TV information, click here.


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