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While we want to encourage the use of ads, we also want our advertising clients to be able to target exactly the visitors most likely to actually click on their link.  We also want our pages to have the same look and feel.  120 X 120 is an excellent size allowing for a great deal of information in a smaller space.  Here are some sample 120 X 120 ads that we have seen on the Net that we feel 'work' well for the client.

125 X 125 gives adequate space but still allows each page to not appear cluttered!

The above are 120 X 120 ads which are no longer used, but which we will continue to accept from existing customers.

All new customer must use 125 X 125

For ad sizes if 120 x 240 and 120 X 699, see the IAB web site.

Display ads will always open a new window.

If linked to an e-mail address, the address will
be double encrypted so SPAM bots cannot see it!


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